10 DIY Deck Cleaning Tips

Discover 10 essential DIY deck cleaning tips for a stunning outdoor space

Ah, the beauty of a well-kept deck—the ideal place to unwind or host visitors in the warmer months. If your deck has lost its former splendor, you might be thinking about hiring a professional for deck resurfacing.

However, the cost of a complete deck resurfacing might be overwhelming, and preserving that beauty can take time and effort. But don’t worry! You can extend the life of your deck and ultimately save money by using a little elbow grease and some do-it-yourself deck cleaning tips.

So let’s get started on some quick but efficient ways to keep your deck looking great. Perhaps you can put off the inevitable deck resurfacing for a few more years as well!

10 Tips for DIY Deck Cleaning

Sweep or Blow Away Dust

  • The simplest and best approach to keep your deck clean is to sweep or blow away dirt from it regularly. Your deck may gather dirt, twigs, and leaves that, if left there, may draw moisture and encourage mold and mildew growth. You can keep your deck clean with just a broom or leaf blower.

Rinse with a Hose

Another simple cleaning method is to wash your deck with a hose. Spray the deck with a high-pressure nozzle to remove dirt and grime. You can also mix some mild detergent with water for a thorough cleaning. Just make sure you properly rinse the detergent.

Use a Pressure Washer

  • A pressure washer can be a terrific tool for a deeper clean. While a hose can’t get rid of stains and grime, a pressure washer can.

But, you must exercise caution while pressure washing a deck since it can be damaging to the wood if used improperly. Use a broad fan tip and low pressure to prevent the wood from being damaged.

Scrub with a Broom or Brush

  • You might need to scrub your deck with a broom or brush if it has stains or persistent dirt. Mix a gentle cleanser with water and use a broom or brush to scrub the deck. After cleaning, be careful to rinse properly with a hose.

Use a Deck Cleaner

Use a deck cleaner if your deck is badly stained or soiled. Deck cleaners are made to get rid of stubborn stains and bring back the wood’s original luster. Follow the cleaner’s instructions carefully and rinse everything out after use.

Sand the Deck

  • Sanding your deck could be necessary if it is rough or splintered. Sanding can make the deck more comfortable to walk on by removing splinters and rough places. Start by smoothing the wood with a coarse grit, then move on to a finer grit.

Replace Damaged Boards

It’s crucial to repair any boards on your deck that are rotted or broken. Damaged boards might pose a safety risk in addition to reducing your deck’s aesthetic appeal. Replace any broken, deformed, or decaying boards.

Apply a Stain or Sealer

  • You might wish to stain or seal your deck after washing it to shield the wood from the outdoors. A sealer can give further protection from UV radiation and water damage while staining your deck can highlight its inherent beauty.

Apply a Rust Remover

Rust stains could be visible on your deck if it has metal furniture or hardware. Use a rust remover on the afflicted area to get rid of rust stains. Be careful you apply the rust remover as directed and rinse well afterward.

Prevent Future Stains

  • deck cleaning tipsWhile grilling on your deck, use a barbecue mat, and clean up spills right away to avoid permanent stains. Additionally, you can keep the water from sitting on the deck and leading to stains by placing planters or saucers.

Now that you’ve discovered some excellent DIY deck cleaning tips, you can keep your outdoor area looking beautiful for many years while saving money.

These suggestions won’t just help your deck last longer but also make you feel accomplished because you handled the job yourself.

Yet, if the idea of cleaning your deck still seems overwhelming, or if you require a professional touch, keep in mind that Dupont Decks and Patios is here to assist!

Our team of experts can do everything from simple deck cleaning to full deck resurfacing. Give us a call today, and let us handle all of your deck needs!

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