Composite Decking

Are you searching for composite decking so you may create the outdoor living space of your dreams? We have got your back!
Our composite decking services are designed for people who don’t skimp on style, quality, or durability.
We create composite decks that are not just different by design but are also per your home’s theme to ensure we can create a space that flows naturally with your home.
Whether you’re a homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, we’re here with the right technicians and designers to get your project off to a successful start.
Since building a composite deck can be a significant investment, it is essential for homeowners to know what they are getting themselves into.
As the best composite deck builders in Washington, DC, we consider it a responsibility to enlighten our clients on everything they need to know about composite decking!

What is Composite Decking?

Reasons to Get Composite Decking

A deck must be sturdy to be worth the money. Additionally, if it will be the site of frequent family gatherings, it must be solid and durable to support the weight of guests, furniture, and household pets.

You can anticipate this from a composite deck because they are built from various materials for outstanding strength and resistance to deterioration over time.
Composite decking requires less maintenance than wood decking because it won’t rot and degrade over time. It doesn’t even require repainting or refinishing! To maintain it looking its best, you’ll probably only need to wipe it down or jet wash it occasionally.
Wood decks can be painted or stained in various colors, but they will probably need some touch-ups or new coats over time. In contrast, multiple colors and finishes can be created for composite decking, all of which will keep their color.
Composite decks are made without causing any damage to trees! There is essentially no environmental impact because the bulk of them are produced from recycled or waste materials—especially when compared to wood decks, which need a fair quantity of wood.
The process for installing composite decking is the same as for installing traditional wooden decking. Still, many new boards, like those in our own line, have the added advantage of grooves in the side of the decking, making it simple to slide concealed fasteners between the boards during installation.

This indicates that installation is frequently quicker than building a conventional timber deck and that there won’t be any exposed screws.

Types of Composite Decks

Uncapped boards typically cost less. Although the material is durable and resistant, it does not offer the same level of stain and color fading protection. As a result of the wood’s remaining tannins (wood oils) leaching out after exposure to the elements, the boards may somewhat discolor during the first few months.
The outer plastic covering on capped composite boards makes them far more resistant to fading and staining. The boards retain their color when exposed to the environment and are simple to wipe clean.
Solid and hollow composite boards are both available. Solid panels are more robust and heavier than hollow ones and typically feature hollow chambers running the plank length.

At Dupont Deck Builders, we highly emphasize quality and sustainability. Our composite decks are all made to the highest standards since we want to give you high-quality decks that will enhance your outside space beautifully.

We are also committed to sustainability, and we have made it our aim to specialize in green building supplies, which is why we offer the best composite deck building service in Washington, DC.
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